[media-downloader media_id=”328″ texts=”DOWNLOAD EXHIBITION AGREEMENT”]San Juan Islands Sculpture Park

San Juan Island

Washington, USA

A 20 acre outdoor public park with 40,000 + annual visitors

Submission Information

In 2015 we changed our submission policy to allow submissions throughout the year. There is no longer any “call period” . We will happily receive your submission at any time.

Submissions can be made to our impartial jury by sending a recent photo, attached to an email. Send to SJISculpturePark@gmail.comĀ Include dimensions, material and aprox. weight. Use “SUBMISSION” as the subject line in the email.

We do not require any biographical material with your submission. Sculptures are selected on the merits of the art and how it will compliment our park.

After submission you will receive an acknowledgement and a final answer within 2 weeks.

All submission must be deemed “safe” by us, and should be suitable for exhibition in an outdoor setting and capable of withstanding occasional high winds, rain, and possible snow. San Juan Islands Sculpture Park is an independent non profit 501 c 3. We are not affiliated with the local museum.

Installation appointments are based on our schedule availability and weather permitting. Off-season overnight accommodations will be provided (Monday through Thursday). We do not provide peak season accommodation.

Installation assistance is available.

We have a truck with a crane to assist with installations. Our maximum lift is 2,500 lbs.

Artist agrees to placement for a two year period if not sold sooner. A 30% commission will be taken on all sculptures sold during the exhibition period and for 90 days after.

All works must be judged (by us) suitable for presentation and pass our safety committee.

We are not responsible for transportation to and from the SJISP. We may be able to accept certain exhibits by shipment to us.

Sculptures are to be delivered and installed in the park by the artist or by artists representative at the site location designated by park management. After acceptance, entries may be asked to provide a diagram or description of the installation requirements. All exhibits must be secured for safety and security purposes. Rebar and ready mix will be supplied by the SJISP on installation day.

During the exhibition period each exhibit will be covered by a signed SJISP exhibition agreement denoting valuation and will be insured for theft by the SJISP.

Art that differs from the digital entry photo will be rejected prior to installation.

The SJISP will reimburse up to $200 travel expenses after installation, and after submission of valid receipts (allow 30 to 60 days for processing).

Contact us on the contact form provided on this website with any questions you may have.